Int'l educators support each other...
especially when times are tough.

Have you recently experienced a lay off in international education?

Bill Gertz, Chairman of AIFS, is personally donating 27 scholarships for the Swarm on Culture, Identity, & Perspective series for those in int'l ed impacted by a lay off.


Bill says: "I am so sorry that so many int'l ed professions have lost their important positions at so many organizations, including AIFS. I sincerely hope you will try to stay in this wonderful field to continue along your path when the skies begin to brighten. I hope that you find this workshop led by my friend and long time leader, Missy, will help you on your path. It doesn’t matter which organization you worked for —we are all committed to the same goal of introducing students to study abroad and other cultures and working with int'l educators. “

Melibee Global is adding 3 more scholarships - for a total of 30.

Add your email address below by 10 pm eastern on May 14th, 2020 to be entered into the scholarship lottery!